Welcome to the medical practice of Dermatology and Allergology Dr. Beate Jacob

We regard ourselves as a consulting medical practice open to all your questions concerning dermatological or allergic ailments / skin problems and allergies.
Up-to date specialized knowledge is at the forefront of our activities. Ongoing professional development ensures that the latest up-to date medical developments from our close cooperation with the University Dermatological Clinic are implemented. It is important for us to be as straight forward as possible with our patients.

Dr. Jacob works part time on Tuesday mornings, Thursday afternoons and one Saturday per month. She is responsible for the organization of the medical practice and quality management. Additionally, she can arrange appointments for laser treatments and surgery on Saturday, Wednesday or Monday afternoons.

Ms. Schulz, specialist for Dermatology and Allergology, is available for appointments on Monday and Wednesday mornings, Friday afternoon and Saturday. We offer additional appointments on Wednesday afternoon.

A medical specialist is always available on Saturday all year long.


Please understand that we make appointments by phone only in order to keep the waiting time at a minimum. Priority is given to urgent cases.