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Dr. Beate Jacob Berlin – Steglitz

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Medical practice Dr. Beate Jacob

Schloßstraße 119 (vis-à-vis Karstadt)
12163 Berlin (Steglitz)

Telefon: (030) 7933371
HOTLINE Private:
(030) 79707635


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Mo, Tu, We 08.00am – 01.00pm
Th, Fr 02.00pm – 07.00pm
Sa 11.00am – 03.00pm

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Mo-We 08.30am – 06.00pm
Th-Fr 08.30am – 07.00pm
Sa 10.00am – 03.00pm

A few words about us

We regard ourselves as a consulting medical practice open to all your questions concerning dermatological or allergic ailments / skin problems and allergies.

Up-to date specialized knowledge is at the forefront of our activities. Ongoing professional development ensures that the latest up-to date medical developments due to our close cooperation with the University Dermatological Clinic are implemented.

It is important for us to be as straight forward as possible with our patients.


Saturdays open