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Depilation Laser: permanent hair removal
Lasertreatment without any significant side effects to all regions of your body: upper lip, chin, armpit, bikini zone, legs. This treatment works with dark hair only.
Please note: No solarium, no self-tanning within 4 weeks before you start treatment.

Since a laser can only affect the currently active growing follicles several treatments are included. The number of sessions depends on various parameters like body location and skin or hair colour.
We are pleased to advise you. Make a consultation appointment and a test treatment.

Handyscope/Follow-Up of moles with iPhone plus Microscope (20x magnifier)

Vascular Laser: Laser treatment of cutaneous vascular lesions like facial capillaries or Rosacea and body angioma/ small spider angioma.

NEW: Removing CO2 laser with most modern, tissue-sparing scanner technology for the removal of disturbing skin changes (keratoses, fibromas, age warts, sun spots and light damages).

1. Psoriasis / Internal Therapy: 2024
2. Handyscope (iPhone and microscope): 2024
3. Lasertreatments: 2024


Berliner Dermatologen Kongress 13. and 14.09.24

Derma-Up Date, 15.11. and 16.11.24: latest therapies in skin diseases

Psonet Psoriasisnetz Berlin / Brandenburg:
Cooperation of Specialist of Dermatology and Berlin Hospitals, trainings and meetings:
4 times in 2024

Training Universitätshautklinik Charité
Children Dermatology May 2024
Summer Skincancer Symposium: June 24